A demo for my newest project Forest Floor!


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I'm exited to see more, love the relation between the characters, and the art is really good too! 

and the music!


not good


character is furry

I do like the sprite work because of how cozy they look. I think the combat your are going for is like undertale but with just that stump it doesn't feel like much. I do agree that the walk speed could be a little faster but other than that it is a very pretty game.

it's a cute lil demo, i think the walking speed should be a little faster though. love the art for it though, it's beautiful i'd love to see more. combat was silly too, but i prefer to control menus with buttons rather than the mouse if possible.

It looks great.

Walking speed could be 30% faster. Text I'd like to be able to advance with the space bar.

I have no idea what the combat mechanic was, I just talked to the stump a lot and tripped over it. That may be because the battle system is incomplete.

But it does look great. I look forward to the future development.

This was quite fun to play. I can really see the potential for it to be a great game! My only tip would be to get rid of these "invisible walls" that keep me from going on the road, there could be other obsticles like trees on the other side of the road that would limit traveling. I think the player should go wherever he wants to explore even if it's not a part of a story, maybe he could find some secret areas or something :). other than that everything looks awesome!