press space to jump

move back and forth while you're in the air 

press space while moving into wall to climb walls

make sure to land upright.

 don't land on sharp corners.

This is a rage game. if you are having fun, i did something wrong.

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Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Pixel Art, rage, Singleplayer

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lol got stuck in an infinite void of falling, sky, bushes, sky bushes, AAAAAA couldn't finish but actually fun game!! gr8 track and graphics and contros and all :D

it was short but i liked it also i think u did something wrong i had a lot of fun :P lol great game man

Ah man, I went back to the start from the first checkpoint and there wasn't any secret. But there are some secrets I found.

1: When the game is loading, spam the "LET ME PLAY THE GAME" button and it will load quicker.

2: At the part with the first rainbow blocks, just narrowly dodge them and you'll fall to the bottom. Now you can just walk the easy path (Never actually done it the intended way).

Idk if its a bug or a "feature", but the TV always break if you fall on the angle of the roof. Great game anyway, was really fun.


I had fun. You did something wrong. Maybe remove checkpoints and make the music more annoying?

Hahahah, exactly this indeed! 

This game is stupid and dumb and really cool. Good job!