A point/click survival horror game where you are trapped in an elevator.

Keep track of the entities that roam the hallways ahead of you, while also keeping in mind the brake that prevents the elevator from falling. Survive until 6AM.

In the thermal camera tab, you can check for invisible entities.

In the map… it has no purpose other than seeing the time.

In the battery tab, you can check your battery. Click and hold the generate button to recharge the battery.

Unlock more elevators as you complete more levels.

The goal of this game was to make a horror game that didn't have any bright colorful marketable characters, and I think I succeeded in this regard.

Going against what is popular in indie horror...

There is no plan to make merchandise for this game.

There will be no sequel or episode two.

I tried to put gameplay before character design. 

This game does not have any deep unseen lore.

So enjoy this one episode experience and DON'T LET IT SEE YOU.


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freddy five night


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this is actually really interesting and fun took a bit to understand all the mechanics but its pretty good!

Hey, it looks interesting, but as for me it's not clear what should player do. :)

I probably should have specified that the goal is to survive until 6AM…

The description is now updated

Ok, I'm still trying to search the game. Could you explane how to use battary (I click Generate, but nothing is happen)? Also what can I do in the map screen?

description has been updated